Democrat hates people being free again…

With much fanfare, LSU and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette joined a growing trend of allowing brewers to pay them for making “official beers.”

Reading that news in his Shreveport kitchen, Democratic Rep. Cedric Glover said he was appalled. “It struck me deep in my heart. This is wrong.”

For health reasons, for moral reasons, for religious reasons, Glover said he vowed at that moment to use one of his five allotted bills in a legislative session that’s supposed to focus on fiscal matters, to ban public universities from licensing “official” alcoholic beverages. His House Bill 610 also would forbid LSU and UL-Lafayette from renewing the contracts with local brewers when they expire.

Bayou Bengal Lager supports LSU and Ragin’ Cajuns Genuine Louisiana Ale is the official beer for UL-Lafayette.“Why would we have wanted to officially license and brand and tie an alcoholic beverage to a school?” Glover said. Louisiana doesn’t allow anyone under the age of 21 to drink, and that age limit applies to most every student on most campuses.

Given ongoing efforts to combat underage drinking on college campuses and all the problems that follow excessive alcohol use, while at the same time endorsing an “official beer” sends a conflicting message, said Glover, the former mayor of Shreveport.

HB610 will be debated first in the House Education Committee, but a hearing has not been scheduled.
“It’s nonsense. Glover likes to throw stones,” LSU President F. King Alexander said. “He’s never been a fan of LSU.”

Alexander was speaking moments before he was to address a House Appropriations Committee last week on proposals to cut LSU’s appropriation for 17th time in nine years. For him, the license with Tin Roof Brewing Co. in Baton Rouge generates needed revenues for the university — 15 percent of Bayou Bengal sales go to LSU.

The major international companies, such as Budweiser, use purple and gold in their local advertising without LSU seeing a cent, he said.

“We license lots of products; we’ll help you do that,” Alexander said. “Here, we have a local business, run by LSU alumni who we helped get started in our business incubator and who gives us 15 percent on one of the ales they sell. I don’t find a problem with that at all.”

The possibilities of immense revenues from the alcoholic beverages industry for cash-strapped universities have made the marketing and sale on college campuses a growing issue nationwide.

So let me see if I got this right. Some guys graduate from a university and they start a business. They and the university come to an agreement that the company will sell officially licenseds products and in return the school gets a percentage of the profits. Everybody wins.

Except this one Democrat who is such an exemplary example of health and fitness and clean living that he doesn’t need to worry about himself anymore, he’s more worried about making other people healthy just like him:

The nerve of this gigantic fat tub of fat to tell other people, who are probably in much better shape than him, what is and is not healthy. Hell, his shirt collar can’t even contain all the fat on his neck. It’s amazing that this guy hasn’t died of a heart attack already with all that fat on his fat stupid body. I’m amazed that he found a shirt big enough to cover up his 70 inch waist. And then to say it’s a moral and religious reason too is just even more bullshit. There is nothing immoral about consumption of alcohol unless you injure or kill other people under the influence of alcohol. No drunk driver would ever say “I was only drunk driving because my favorite college is on the beer can!”

As for religion? Keep it to your fucking self. I would love to go through his fridge and see how much beer fatty has in there.


The Unaffordable Care Act.

This is just fucking perfect and will be ignored in general by the news media outside of Iowa. It is saying everything that a lot of smart people warned everyone what would happen when the cretinous morons in congress and the dumbass ex president of ours passed Obamacare. Republicans a few weeks ago warned us that Obamacare was collapsing. They were fucking right.

The penalty for not having health insurance is not big enough to actually make sure that people have health insurance. It’s a lot cheaper to not have it and pay the penalty. As soon as you need health insurance because you develop a pre-existing condition you can go “buy” health insurance and you don’t have to worry about not being covered for it. It is just insane that the Dumbocrats couldn’t figure out that if you do that, it will sky rocket the cost of health insurance.

And so yeah. I need to find some other way of obtaining health insurance after this year. The amazing thing is that a few weeks ago when they tried to repeal the stupid disaster of Obamacare, a bunch of loud cunt rags said that it would cost people their health insurance. Now that they didn’t repeal it, I’m losing my health insurance. Of course the Democrats don’t give a shit about me losing my health insurance. I’m a healthy white male with a job and income, they don’t care if I lose my health insurance.

We are seeing now that Obamacare was created to completely destroy private health insurance. What was one of the cheapest and best health care systems in the world 50 years ago is today an absolute disaster. And I think that as Obamacare destroys more and more private insurance in the years to come, we will see people who don’t understand economics crying for single payer universal health care. And that ignorance was alive and well on Facebook with comments like:

I wish people would quit blaming Obama care and start putting the blame where it belongs and that is with the insurance companies.


Oh no it’s hurting our billions in profits. No Obamacare is not a failure. Insurance companies are GREEDY.

Yeah. People are fucking stupid. How is it the insurance company’s fault if the government mandates stuff that is causing  them to lose $90 million a year? 

Are fancy restaurants greedy when they charge you $50 for one meal? Are life insurance companies greedy when they refuse to start a new policy on a guy dying of cancer? Or when car insurance companies refuse to cover a gal who has a half dozen DUIs? Are homeowners insurance companies greedy when they charge extra for having a house next to an active volcano or on the banks of a river that floods every two years? And who is to say that Wellmark is pocketing billions of dollars? They have thousands of employees to pay, utilities for the buildings they operate out of, taxes, and tons of other stuff. I’m sure the people are looking at gross revenues and thinking that’s there’s billions of dollars lying around.

At the end of the day, the message will be: Blame Trump for Obama destroying health insurance.

Another government road collapses.

This one in Atlanta, GA. In what can only be described as one of the worst cities in the entire country when it comes to traffic, the city will probably be in a stand still today as an entire 5 lane interstate is shut down to deal with this mess that the government built and paid for roads created. The roads and bridges around us crumble and fall apart as the government spends trillions fighting wars over seas and pay for Trump to fly around and guard Trump tower and all sorts of shit that we don’t need.

And when the dust settles, all we will ever hear from liberals is that we need to raise taxes. Hell, that was the fucking message a decade ago when Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow used a collapsed bridge to attack conservatives for wanting to try to cut waste and then cut taxes (which never, ever fucking happens anyways):

So yeah, I’m sure in the days ahead from the same liberals who lie about how Republicans hate government and cut taxes and cut spending and all this shit that taxes need to go up to fix the roads! Why is it always the fault of people who doesn’t want government to build roads in the first fucking place that the roads collapse? The US government has a $3.65 trillion annual budget and yet that is not enough to keep the roads and bridges from collapsing. To give you some perspective here, the annual budget was half what it is today in 2000 when it was $1.8 trillion. Yes, in 17 years, the annual federal budget has more than doubled and yet all we hear is that this massive government with its massive spending is a result of small government libertarian like Republicans who keep cutting and clashing and hating the government. What a fucking joke.

We will tax you so much, that you will need to go on welfare!

I have never brought this up here before but I’m a married man. Recently my wife got a new job and with that job comes some perks. Last week, she got an email stating that she had earned a $779 performance bonus. We were both very excited because that is money that we could have used to help renovate our basement, a project that I’m working on now.

She went to check her account a few days later as they do desposit the bonus as they would any paycheck and all she got was $440. Turns out that the tax on such a bonus is over 40%. Un fucking believable. Our multi-trillion government who did nothing to help my wife at her job feels free to steal half her performance bonus. What a bunch of fucking bullshit. And even worse, fuckin communist sleazeball Bernie Sanders (who at age 95 never worked a real job in his life) wants to raise taxes on middle class people so that fucking lazy bums get free health care, free college, free everything. The sad thing is that we are much better off with president Trump than we would have been with Sanders.

So yeah, the government does 0% of the work and takes almost 50% of the bonus and then gives it to billionaire assholes and lazy shit heads. Who gets fucked over the most? The working middle class. Maybe it’s time for a violent revolution to end the income tax and get the government the fuck out of every moment of our lives.

The Murder Rate and Violent Crime in general.

It’s funny that the Donald is so worried about the murder and crime rate because his concern is about mostly big cities that didn’t vote for him. You almost get the sense that he wants to punish the people in cities that didn’t vote for him. Chicago? Swung the state to Hillary. Send in the national guard!

Now he’s claiming that the murder rate is the highest in 47 years. Complete bullshit. The murder rate and the violent crime rate is the lowest it’s been in 45 years. But President Psycho is saying that the media is lying to us about it and that it’s really higher than they’re reporting. Of course the truth is that everyone is scared to death of shootings every where because the media reports on every shooting because it’s their way of pushing gun control on everyone. And they’re the ones who are pushing the bullshit about the murder and crime rate being high.

In general, this has been one of the least violent decades since the 50’s. Of course law and order types like to credit fucking high incarceration rates, but as this article from Mother Jones shows that it’s entirely likely that the high violent crime rate during the 70’s through the early 90’s was probably caused by lead in the air from leaded gasoline. If they really want to cut the violent crime rate more, they should just do more lead abament rather than locking up every black teenager in the country.

Destroy his career.

Some good feeling from our dear leader yesterday morning:

The White House staff says he was just joking. Oh sure, except he didn’t laugh or even crack a smile. It makes you wonder how safe any state congressman or senator should feel. Or how safe any mayor or councilman in some one horse town in the middle of nowhere should feel. Will the president go after anyone who thinks that it’s not good to legally steal from people without a conviction?

Oh well, I’m sure the asinine Libertarians for Trump are still feeling good about President Psycho blowing shit up overseas and threatening to destroy the career of people who want to actually reduce government power.

Week 2.

As president psycho enters week 2 of 156, one thing becomes perfectly clear to me now more than ever before. The office of the presidency is the problem. It’s not the man in office. America has survived psychotic idiots in the past. Just look at FDR who used executive orders to ban private gold ownership and steal it from not only Americans but foreign companies too. He also used executive orders to lock up Japanese people. The problem is that executive order is not in the US Constitution. They aren’t in there. At all. There is no clause or statue in the constitution that allows for executive orders. So they use the statue that the executive branch makes sure that the laws are faithfully executed as an excuse to keep having executive orders.

Of course in the last two and a half centuries, they have used executive orders to make up laws because they couldn’t get the laws they want approved by congress. They have some asshole lawyer find some existing law to back up their fake laws and boom, you got executive order. I hope Trump continues to be president. With enough of this executive order bullshit, maybe we can get a constitutional amendment that ends executive orders once and for all. Not that anyone with a D next to their name has enough balls to do that. They want executive orders to exist for the next democrat president. Unlikely that they will neuter the Executive branch for their guys.