And so it ends.

The brave protestors in Oregon who have the guts to actually stand up to the out of control federal government, most notably the Bureau of Land Mismanagement have started to be rounded up for what will likely be a bullshit show trial. And the one man killed was reportedly unarmed with his arms in the air.

I’m sure the federal jackbooted governement thug who killed him will get off with not even a slap on the wrist like that other murdering jackbooted thug Lon Horiuchi.

 Also, gotta love the vile propagandists at Gawker who call the Oregon protestors “terrorists”despite not killing anyone or destroying any property. Meanwhile, they wouldn’t dare call the people in Iran who bombed and killed people in the Saudi embassy terrorists. And they certainly wouldn’t call the people who destroyed property in Ferguson or Baltimore terrorists either. You see, only white people are actual terrorists. Duh.

Trump doesn’t matter.

As an Iowan, I’m proud to say I am not going to the caucus. Fuck it. It’s a waste of time because no matter which party you support its all the same. Trump is pretty much the same as Sanders. Nobody is going to change anything. The two parties are the governement party, the promoters and expanders of government power and control. None of the candidates give a shit about our liberty and privacy. They just want our money so they can give it to their connected friends and hand out to people who can but don’t work.

Any suggestion by any candidates about cutting spending, taxes and police statism is seen as extremism.

Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice and moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.

It’s that magical War on Christmas time of year again.

It’s amazing how fast the War on Christmas comes up on you. Just when it’s a few weeks away from the end of September and boom, war on Christmas time! This year, you see, we might not have Christmas. The evil forces of Christmas hating communist atheists at Starbucks has put out red cups. Without decorations. You can’t just say they are being lazy or cheap with their cups that probably account for about half the trash in this country. No, they are trying to destroy Christmas!

People sure get their panties in a bunch over something you drink out of and throw in the trash. The Christian Right in this country are just as bad and whiny and idiotic as the social justic warrior left in this country. I think those two factions probably account for about 20 to 30 percent of the American people. The rest of us, about 70 to 80 percent of us just shrug our shoulders and try to avoid those morons.

Blame Game Time.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Also, F Snowden. F him to you know where and back.</p>&mdash; Dana Perino (@DanaPerino) <a href=”″>November 14, 2015</a></blockquote> //

Fuck you too, you privacy hating bitch. You and the rest of your Bill of Rights shitting on partisan hacks can go fuck yourselves to hell and back. Thank-you Edward Snowden for really defending American freedom. He has done more to protect what this country is supposed to be about than the last dozen presidents combined. All those presidents have done is work their hardest to destroy the constitution and  keep the country at war almost continuously since 1941. Fuck the presidents and their ass kissing rubber stampers in congress. And their enablers in the Supreme Court. And fuck Dana Perino and her job as chief propagandist for Bush.


Today is the 71 year anniversary of D-Day. The invasion of Normandy and all that. Over 2500 American soldiers lost their lives that day.

Meanwhile, earlier the Soviets and Germans lost over 1,000,000 lives in the battle of Stalingrad. It was the bloodiest battle in the history of the world. In fact. Had the Soviets not had the sheer strength of numbers that they did, it would have been impossible for the U.S. and UK to get on the beaches of Normandy. The Eastern front of ww2 makes the western front looks like a fist fight compared to the death and destruction in the east. Some estimate the death toll in the USSR to be about 25 million.

Oh well America, at least you can keep talking about the Greatest Generation as though WW2 was America vs. the Germans…

What the fuck happened to feminism?

Recently a tweet went out that asked people at a feminist convention or something to not clap and use “Jazz hands” instead in order to avoid triggering anxiety.

Yeah. Feminism used to be about women being strong, independent and personally responsible for their lives. It was for the most part, a kind of libertarian movement. They wanted women to have the same liberties as men. They wanted women to be free to live how they wanted, to be in control of their lives, to not live how men told them they should live.

But then in the last twenty years or so, it’s gone in the other direction. It seems like feminism is now about protecting women from harmful ideas and thoughts. Look at how people like Anita Sarkeesian wants to censor video games in order to protect people from bad thoughts. They say it’s not censorship, but really they’re using political pressure to force video games to become what they want them to become. Unlike TV and movies, they haven’t been mouthpieces for liberalism and that drives liberals fucking crazy in this country. They attacked a scientist for wearing a shirt with sexy women on it. Every shooting is somehow the result of “toxic masculinity” or some bullshit like that. Feminism has gone from trying to raise women up and make them independent and self reliant to trying to tear down men and make them feel bad for being men.

And women who do think for themselves allowed in to feminism now.

Words, words, words.

So some idiot politican went on CNN and complained that saying thug is the same as saying nigger. I am shocked that they are trying to steer the conversation in another direction. This moron in Baltimore doesn’t realize that thug doesn’t mean black. It is describing a particular kind of person who engages in violent activity. Remember when the libtards in the media and such threw a fit when the NRA called federal law enforcement “jackbooted government thugs”? They were most certainly not just talking about black people. Of course the outrage there was about how dare you insult our brave men who defend us against women holding babies in Idaho or religious people in Waco, TX or just regular black who are caught DWB!

So he then went on to call the rioters children. Oh, so these late teens and early 20’s individuals who are going out of their way to destroy a city are now just little kids? Or maybe he means that his own party (D) which has run the city for all but four years since 1946 has failed these people so badly that even when they become biological and legal adults, they are still just mentally, emotionally and intellectually children. Of course he probably sees himself and others in the government as all those children’s parents and that the governments job is to take care of them all.

Personally I’d rather be called a thug than a child. A child doesn’t know better and just needs to go home to mommy and daddy. A thug, while violent and dangerous, at least knows what he’s doing and has some sense of control over his life.

Another person killed by police.

This time a man in South Carolina ran from the police and was shot and killed. Thankfully a bystander caught the whole thing on video and the cop is being charged with murder. I have my doubts that he will be convicted. I bet there will be pressure on the prosecution to not give their best effort. Hey, it’s not a teenager with pot, no reason to give 100% to this.

I have to say I’m tired of people acting like this is something new. Go back 20 years to Waco and Ruby Ridge. The big difference now is that the Internet has made it possible to get past the lies of the governments lapdog media. Remember at Waco, that fucking scumbag Bill Clinton blamed the deaths of the people in the Branch Davidian Compound on themselves and his gang of ass kissing, boot licking lapdog mediots applauded him.

The cop in this case might go to prison for his crime, but when will Lon Horiuchi?