The Murder Rate and Violent Crime in general.

It’s funny that the Donald is so worried about the murder and crime rate because his concern is about mostly big cities that didn’t vote for him. You almost get the sense that he wants to punish the people in cities that didn’t vote for him. Chicago? Swung the state to Hillary. Send in the national guard!

Now he’s claiming that the murder rate is the highest in 47 years. Complete bullshit. The murder rate and the violent crime rate is the lowest it’s been in 45 years. But President Psycho is saying that the media is lying to us about it and that it’s really higher than they’re reporting. Of course the truth is that everyone is scared to death of shootings every where because the media reports on every shooting because it’s their way of pushing gun control on everyone. And they’re the ones who are pushing the bullshit about the murder and crime rate being high.

In general, this has been one of the least violent decades since the 50’s. Of course law and order types like to credit fucking high incarceration rates, but as this article from Mother Jones shows that it’s entirely likely that the high violent crime rate during the 70’s through the early 90’s was probably caused by lead in the air from leaded gasoline. If they really want to cut the violent crime rate more, they should just do more lead abament rather than locking up every black teenager in the country.

Destroy his career.

Some good feeling from our dear leader yesterday morning:

Week 2.

As president psycho enters week 2 of 156, one thing becomes perfectly clear to me now more than ever before. The office of the presidency is the problem. It’s not the man in office. America has survived psychotic idiots in the past. Just look at FDR who used executive orders to ban private gold ownership and steal it from not only Americans but foreign companies too. He also used executive orders to lock up Japanese people. The problem is that executive order is not in the US Constitution. They aren’t in there. At all. There is no clause or statue in the constitution that allows for executive orders. So they use the statue that the executive branch makes sure that the laws are faithfully executed as an excuse to keep having executive orders.

Of course in the last two and a half centuries, they have used executive orders to make up laws because they couldn’t get the laws they want approved by congress. They have some asshole lawyer find some existing law to back up their fake laws and boom, you got executive order. I hope Trump continues to be president. With enough of this executive order bullshit, maybe we can get a constitutional amendment that ends executive orders once and for all. Not that anyone with a D next to their name has enough balls to do that. They want executive orders to exist for the next democrat president. Unlikely that they will neuter the Executive branch for their guys.


I really hope that in about 20 years, we will all be looking back and wondering how the fuck this giant dillusional rich asshole piece of shit ever won a state, let alone enough states to win the presidency. I guess mostly I am a bit surprised about him actually moving forward with building that fucking wall. And no, Mexico won’t be paying for it, no matter what he says.

For decades, we the American people for the most part have been safe from the craziest and stupidest shit politicians on both sides campaign on for two reasons. Either they know they’re full of shit and can’t possibly do what they say they’re gonna do. Or they are just too fucking lazy or incompetent to do it. Yeah, once in a great while we get horrible shit like the invasions of Iraq from both Bushes, the invasion of the Balkans during the Clinton years or the constant drone killing of people by Obama. But for the most part they aren’t too crazy. 

But Trump is different. What I figured was just an idiotic and environmentally dangerous empty campaign promise is close to being kind of a reality. Who gives a shit about natural migration of wild life? We gotta stop those people from getting across our border! His inaugural addressed the idea of improving infrastructure. Why not that first? Isn’t that much more important than building a fucking wall in the middle of nowhere?

The more we see from this guy, the more it becomes clear that he is little more than a spoiled billionaire brat who got whatever he wanted as a kid and now thinks he’s entitled to the same as an adult. He never grew up and I’m pretty sure the majority of his base never did either.

Trump hates the middle class!!!

An hour after becoming president yesterday, the president suspended a rate cut for FHA backed mortgage insurance enacted by former president Obama about 11 days before he left office. A lame duck president can do all sorts of shit that he will not end up really having to answer for and this rate cut is one of those things. Since the Republicans were skeptical of cutting the rate more after a $1.7 billion bailout in 2013, it would seem to me that the outgoing administration only enacted this rate cut as a gotcha move.

As soon as the new president suspended it, boom the Democrats come out with their canned statements about how the new president hates the working class and middle class. Even better, the fuckers at the Intercept called it a middle class tax break. The truth is that Obama must have really hated the middle class or else he would have lowered it much, much earlier in his administration.

Make America Trump Again!!!

A few thoughts on the Inaugural Address of the Donald:

1. “I will fight for you with every breath in my body — and I will never, ever let you down.”

Wow. Never, ever let us down. That is one hell of a crazy fucking promise there. Hehehe. I can’t even promise that to my wife. It’s impossible to not let someone down at some point in your life. We are imperfect beings. We make mistakes. My wife lets me down sometimes.

2. “We will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world — but we do so with the understanding that it is the right of all nations to put their own interests first.
We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example for everyone to follow.”

Okay, I loved this line. I doubt he keeps his promise here, but fuck after 15 years of post 9/11 war mongering and militarism and going to war with countries with alleged links to terrorism, it’s nice to have someone say something even a little bit libertarian when it comes to foreign policy.

3. “We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones — and unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the Earth.”

Oh. Shit. Well so much for the previous paragraphs. So yeah, his promise to pursue a libertarian foreign policy lasted about 5 seconds.

4. “America will start winning again, winning like never before.”

#Winning. Ok, are we sure Charlie Sheen didn’t write this shit?

5. “January 20th 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again”

So yeah, I’m in charge. I guess?

6. “From this moment on, it’s going to be America First.”

It is fucking amazing to watch the liberal media elites take this line and use it to smear the America First Committee because they opposed American entry in to World War II. After the complete and total disaster that was American entry in to World War I, there were millions of Americans who didn’t want their children to die in a foreign war after other family members did 23 years earlier. They saw what World War I produced, an unstable Europe and a financial depression. It sure is nice to have the hindsight of history to look back and say “Oh geez, those America First Committee were just a bunch of American nazis and shit who were just traitors.” Yeah, Lindberg probably was a little too cozy with Hitler and the Germans, everyone else in America First were looking out for the best thing for America. Ya know, putting America First. And seriously fuck that racist piece of shit Dr. Seuss who not only smeared Japanese American citizens as traitors, but he also put out pure propaganda that smeared the AFC because they had the balls to stand up to the Roosevelt administration’s war mongering and fear mongering.

And no, there was no fucking way in hell that Germany was ever going to be able to attack the United States on its shores. England was able to defend itself. To go across the ocean and attack our country would have been pretty much impossible, especially after the Soviets stopped them at Stalingrad. They didn’t have enough soldiers to attack the United States. They didn’t have unlimited people to keep the army going forever. Eventually Germany would have been defeated in WW2 without US help. Had England and France not interfered when the Germans attacked Poland, Germany and the USSR would have eventually pretty much destroyed each other and it would have saved millions of American lives. With the USSR and Germany significantly weakened, they would have been no threat to the US. There probably would have been no cold war, no Korean War, no Vietnam War and probably no Iraq Wars. If the US would have stayed out of the wars in the 20th century, September 11, 2001 would have been just another day.

But yeah, the liberal media elites hate the truth.

Illegitimate President?

I was really looking forward to hating everything that President Trump and his group of Republican dickheads were ready to do to this country. He has looked like and talked like just another personal freedom hating asshole. Be prepared to say goodbye to legalized marijuana and online gambling and everything else that old senile religious piece of shit Jefferson Sessions hates.

Sure, Trump may do some good things as President, like finally get rid of ACA, which has more than doubled the cost of my health insurance since 2008, but in general he is just getting ready to be a horrible destroyer of personal liberty.

But mostly the last few weeks, I’ve been watching and enjoying the liberals throw the worlds biggest hissyfit about how Russia hacked the election. Never fucking mind that they didn’t hack the election at all. There is no proof that they were able to change the results of this election. What happened was that Russia supposedly was able to hack in to John Podesta’s email account and release to Wikileaks his emails which made the Clinton campaign look bad. The funniest part is that the same liberals who are now claiming that Russia hacked the election were the same ones who months earlier said the emails showed no immoral or illegal activity on the part of the Clinton campaign. If they showed no illegal activity, then why are they upset about them being released now? Furthermore, the FBI, CIA and NSA combined had $52 billion of budget last year. What the hell are they doing with that money if they can’t prevent the election from being hacked. And they think we are insane when we say government doesn’t work.

And the whole Russia thing is only happening because they don’t want to go back to the well too much when it comes to bitching about 3rd party guys like Gary Johnson and Jill Stein swinging the election. They almost ran the well dry when it came to Ralph Nader 16 years ago. Not like they weren’t ready to beat that dead horse to death some more. They had Hollywood celebrities and the like putting up tweets along the lines of a”you’re helping Trump become president if you vote for Gary Johnson”. They even tried to equate voting third parties with being racist and homophobic andmysgonistic. As though thinking there should be more than two choices is the worst thing ever.

Even better, some idiots are claiming he’s an illegitimate president. Yeah, after 8 years of idiots saying that Obama was born in Kenya and that made him illegitimate as president, some Dumbocunts are now going to spend the next four or eight years claiming that Trump is illegitimate too.

The truth is that Clinton failed to connect with the voters in states that normally vote for Democrats like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Iowa. She also lost Ohio and Florida, who voted for Obama twice. She and her campaign failed. They lost. But Democrats can’t concede that point. It’s funny that when Romney lost four years ago, the voters rejected the Republican platform and all that. But when Clinton lost, it’s all Russia’s fault!!!!